36: Leeds - Ripon

The 36 connects Yorkshire's capital with England's third smallest city via the venue of the 1982 Eurovision Song Contest. It runs every 15 minutes Mon-Sat daytimes with some of the highest-spec buses in the UK and is operated by Transdev Harrogate.

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Places served

Stop served by the 36 are marked in yellow. See the full map of all stops in Leeds City Centre here.

The 36 starts from stand 23 at Leeds Bus Station:

It also serves stop N2 on New Briggate:

Find out more about Leeds via these links:

The 36's route through the northern suburbs of Leeds. See the full map, showing all bus routes in Leeds, here.

Buses to Ripon stop outside the Yorkshire Bank on Harrogate Road:

Buses to Leeds stop by the entrance to the cemetery on Harrogate Road:

Here's a few things to do in Chapel Allerton:

Buses to Ripon use stop A on the left, buses to Leeds use stop B on the right at Moortown Corner on Harrogate Road:

Use the stops at Sandmoor Drive for Amici and The Lord Darcy

Buses to Ripon stop on the left and buses to Leeds stop on the right outside the Harewood Arms on A61 Harrogate Road:

Buses towards Ripon use stand 8 and buses towards Leeds use stand 7 at Harrogate Bus Station:

Buses to Ripon stop opposite the Three Horse Shoes on A61 Ripon Road:

Buses to Leeds stop adjacent to the Three Horse Shoes, also on A61 Ripon Road:

Buses to Ripon stop on the right and you can see a bus to Leeds stopping on the left on Main Street:

Buses to Ripon stop in the distance on the left and buses to Leeds use the bus shelter next to the Red Lion on A61 Ripon Road:

The 36 starts from stand 1 at Ripon Bus Station:


See the full timetable using these links:

Here are your live scheduled departures from major stops towards Ripon:

...and back towards Leeds:


The cheapest day ticket that is valid throughout route 36 is the Transdev Day Gold ticket at £8. It is also valid on all Transdev Harrogate services.

If you're only travelling within Harrogate, then the Transdev ZoneOne Day ticket at £4.20 is vald on the 36 between Cragside Garage in Pannal and Redfearn's Garage in the north of the town.

If you're only travelling within West Yorkshire, then there are some multi-operator tickets from Metro that are valid on the 36 between Leeds Bus Station and Harrogate Road/Otley Road at the far end of Harewood as well as on all buses of all operators throughout West Yorkshire. Here's a selection of the tickets available:

  • MetroDay (all buses in West Yorkshire) for £5.50
  • DayRover (buses & trains in West Yorkshire, valid from 0930 weekdays or all day at weekends) for £7.90
  • Metro Weekender (all buses in West Yorkshire from 1800 on Friday until midnight on Sunday) for £8

If you're arriving in Leeds by train, then a Leeds Plusbus at £3 is valid on the 36 as far as Harewood Bridge. It is also valid on buses of all operators throughout West Yorkshire.

If arriving by train in Harrogate, then a Harrogate Plusbus at £2 has the same validity as the Transdev ZoneOne ticket described above.


Explore the West Yorkshire bus network using Metro's maps here.

Other major bus connections from Leeds:

Change in Harrogate for:

Connections from Ripon:

The 36 runs close to the following railway stations:


Between Leeds and Harrogate, you could catch the train. An adult day return on the train currently costs £8.30, but evening peak restrictions apply. See all available train fares here.

Between Central Leeds and Moortown, you can also use First Leeds routes 2, 3 and 3A (plus the 48 to Alwoodley Gates), but remember that Transdev Gold tickets are not valid on First buses.

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All of the information in this post is correct at the time of writing, but please check the relevant links before travelling.