X7: Southampton - Salisbury

The X7 is the principal bus route linking Southampton with Salisbury and several villages inbetween. It is also the main route serving the Paulton's Park theme park. It runs hourly Monday to Saturday daytimes and operated by Go Ahead's Salisbury Reds as well as being integrated into the Bluestar network.

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Places served

The X7 starts from stop SB outside West Quay shopping centre on Portland Terrace:

Next stop is stop AJ outside Asda and the Marlands shopping centre, a bit further down Portland Terrace:

... followed by stop AL on Havelock Road, outside the BBC's regional headquarters and the SeaCity Museum:

Next is stop SB on Wyndham Place,  next to Southampton Central railway station:


Buses towards Salisbury use stop D for Totton Railway Station on Commercial Road:

... stop C opposite St Teresa's Church:

... and stop J on Salisbury Road.

Buses towards Southampton use stops K, B and E. Here's stop B at the shopping precinct on Commercial Road:

This small hamlet is the home of one of the south's biggest tourist attractions: Paulton's Park:

Some journeys run right to the door of the park:

All journeys stop here on Romsey Road:

The next stop along from there is the one to use for the Vine Inn and Premier Inn Southampton West.

At this point, the route splits with most buses continuing along the traditional X7 route via:

Buses towards Salisbury stop here at Canada Corner roundabout:

Buses to Southampton stop over the road on A36 Crawley Hill:

Use these stops at the Crossroads for a short walk to Nomansland.

... but certain journeys run from Ower via Romsey and Sherfield English:

Buses in both directions serve stop C at Romsey Bus Station:

Use these stops on A27 Salisbury Road for the Hatchet Inn.

... both parts of the route rejoin at Whiteparish:

Buses in both directions stop here at All Saints' Church:

Buses to Salisbury stop on the right, buses to Southampton on the left near Alderbury General Store on Southampton Road:


Buses to Southampton start from stop D on Endless Street:

The X7 also serves stop Y on Brown Street:


See the timetable for the X7 on one of the following websites:

Here are your live scheduled bus times from key stops towards Salisbury:

...and back towards Southampton:


An adult single between Southampton and Salisbury is currently £5.90 and a return is £8. Contact Salisbury Reds for details of fares for shorter journeys.

The cheapest day ticket that is valid throughout route X7 is the Explorer at £8.50 for an adult. It is valid on the entire Salisbury Reds, More and Bluestar networks.

A Salisbury Dayrider at £4.10 for an adult is valid on the X7 between the city centre and Whaddon Post Office. It is valid on all Salisbury Reds buses within the Salisbury Saver Zone.

If you need to transfer to/from buses of other operators in Wiltshire, then you can use the Wiltshire Day Rover ticket at £8.50 for an adult. It is valid along the entire X7 route and on all buses in Wiltshire, regardless of operator.

If you need to connect to another bus operator in Southampton (don't forget Bluestar accepts Salisbury Reds Explorer tickets and vice versa) and are travelling no further than Romsey or Canada Corner, then you can use a Solent Go ticket at £8 for an adult, which is valid on all buses regardless of operator within the Solent region.

Salisbury Plusbus tickets can be bought with rail tickets to or from Salisbury and are valid on the X7 between Salisbury city centre and Whaddon Post Office only.


See a map of all bus routes in Southampton here, the full Bluestar and Unilink networks here and First's Southampton network here. These are your major connecting routes:

See a map of all bus routes in Totton here (but bear in mind that routes T1, T2 and 139 have been withdrawn). Change at Totton for:

See and map and details of all bus routes in Romsey here. Change at Romsey for:

See a map of the full Salisbury Reds network here and the local Salisbury city routes here. Major connections from the city include:

The X7 passes close to the following railway stations:


For journeys all the way between the two cities, the only alternative is the train, which also calls at Romsey. See the timetable on South West Trains' website.

Between Southampton city centre and Totton, Bluestar routes 6, 8, 11 and 12 provide a bus at least every ten minutes Mon-Sat daytimes.

Between Southampton and Romsey, you can use the train or Bluestar 4 for more frequent links.

Between Salisbury and Whaddon, Salisbury Reds 37 provides some additional journeys.

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All of the information in this post is correct at the time of writing, but please check the relevant links before travelling.

For news updates on bus routes of all operators in the Greater Southampton region, including the X7, see our sister blog, Southampton Bus Update.