X6/X7: Leicester - Northampton - Milton Keynes

*UPDATED 3rd August 2022*

The X6 and X7 are a cross-county link from Leicester in the North, through Northampton to Milton Keynes in the South. The X6 runs south of Northampton and the X7 runs north of it. Buses run every hour each daytime and are operated by Stagecoach.

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Places served:

The X7 starts from stand HA at Haymarket Bus Station:

It then calls at stop ED on London Road, right outside the railway station:

Aldi supermarket Leicester St George's Way

Buses to Leicester stop on the left, buses towards Milton Keynes on the right, by Lidl on Harborough Road:

M&S Foodhall Oadby

Buses in both directions serve this stop at The Square in Kibworth Beauchamp:

Buses to Milton Keynes use stop S1 on the right, buses to Leicester use stop S3 on the left at The Square:

At Market Hall Bus Station, the X7 uses stop M1 towards Milton Keynes and stop M2 towards Leicester:

Buses to Milton Keynes stop outside the Police Station on the right, buses to Leicester stop outside Waitrose on the left on Harborough Road:

There's yet another Asda just down the road, also served by the X7:

The X6 to Milton Keynes uses stand 18 at the Bus Interchange on Drapery:

The X7 to Leicester uses bay 3 at the Bus Interchange on Silver Street:

Here are your links for live scheduled departure times from major stops towards Milton Keynes:

...and back towards Leicester:


The cheapest day ticket that is valid end-to-end on both the X6 and X7 is the Stagecoach Midlands Dayrider Gold at £9.60.

For shorter journeys:
Look up single and return fares on the Stagecoach website.

The Northampton Buzz Card at £5.00 for a day is valid on the buses of all operators in Northampton. On the X6 and X7 it's valid out as far as Boughton Turn and Grange Park Lake.

The Leicester Flexi Day can be used on the X7 between Leicester and Oadby, Lidl. It costs £5 and is also valid on the buses of all operators within Greater Leicester.

The following Plusbus tickets are valid on the X7:


Change in Leicester for:

Change in Northampton for:

Change in Milton Keynes for:

The X7 serves the following railway stations:


These are the major routes that run parallel to the X7 for some of its route:

  • Arriva X3 between Leicester and Market Harborough

Long Distance Footpaths

All of the information in this post is correct at the time of writing, but please check the relevant links before travelling.

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