50: Bournemouth - Swanage

*UPDATED 16th July 2022*

The 50 is on a sunny day one of the prettiest bus journeys in the world. It links the south coast's biggest resort with one of Dorset's most beautiful seaside villages, plus it goes on a ferry! Oh and it's usually run with open top buses! The 50 runs every 30 mins during the school holidays and at weekends over the summer, reducing to roughly hourly over the winter. It's operated by Go Ahead's More under the Purbeck Breezer sub-brand. See a detailed route map of the 50 hereClick here to discover more bus routes in the stunning South West.

Places served

The 50 starts from stand A at Bournemouth Interchange, right outside the town's railway station. Here the station is on the left and stand A is on the right in the distance:

There's a large Asda supermarket right next to the Interchange, good for a sandwich before you set off!

In the town centre itself, buses towards Swanage use stops T and K. Here's stop T on Gervis Place at The Square:

...and here's stop K on Priory Road near the junction with Beacon Road:

Here are some links of things to see and do in Bournemouth:

Buses towards Swanage use the Alumhurst Road stop:

Buses towards Bournemouth stop at Westbourne Arcade on Poole Road:

Westbourne is worth a look around, if you have the time:
M&S Simply Food Westbourne

Buses towards Swanage stop at Sandbanks Ferry Approach on Ferry Way, right before the chain ferry crossing (stay on the bus while it is on the ferry for the 4 minute crossing):

Buses towards Bournemouth stop opposite at the bus shelter:

The 50 starts from Stop 1 at Swanage Bus Station:

It then runs along Shore Road, with buses to Bournemouth stopping just over the road from the beach at Banjo Pier:

Here are your links for live scheduled departure times from major stops towards Swanage:

...and back towards Bournemouth


The only day ticket that is valid throughout route 50 is the More Zone ABC Dayrider at £9.50, which is valid on the entire networks of More, Salisbury Reds, Bluestar and Damory.

If you're only travelling between Bournemouth and Sandbanks, then a Zone A Dayrider at £4.30 (on the Morebus app only, it's 20p more when you pay the driver) is for you. It's valid on all More buses throughout Bournemouth and Poole. See the exact Dayrider zones here.

Single and return fares can be looked up on More's website. An adult single from Bournemouth to Swanage is currently £7.50 and the Zone ABC Dayrider mentioned above at £9.50 acts as the return ticket for such longer journeys.

There is a multi-operator ticket available for Bournemouth and Poole, called Getting About. It's valid on the 50 between Bournemouth and Sandbanks and costs £5.80 as a paper ticket or £5.00 on a smartcard. It's also valid on all More, Yellow Buses and First services within the borough of Bournemouth, Poole and Christchurch.

If you're arriving in Bournemouth or Poole by train, then you can use a Bournemouth Plusbus ticket to travel on the 50 as far as Sandbanks. It has the same validity as a Getting About ticket, but will cost you less. The only drawback is that it can only be bought with a valid rail ticket to or from Bournemouth or Poole.


The 50 starts from Bournemouth railway station, with direct trains to Weymouth, Southampton, Winchester, Basingstoke, London Waterloo, Reading, Oxford, Birmingham and beyond.

You can see More's network map here.

From the town centre of Bournemouth, you can connect with the following major routes:

In Westbourne, connect with the frequent More M1/M2 service to Poole.

Change at Sandbanks for More 60, also to Poole.

In Swanage, you can connect with More 40 to Wareham and Poole and to seasonal service 30 to Wareham, Lulworth Cove, Weymouth and Dorchester

Long distance footpaths

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All of the information in this post is correct at the time of writing, but please check the relevant links before travelling.


1: Bolton - Blackburn

*UPDATED 10th July 2022*

The 1 connects Bolton in Greater Manchester with Blackburn in Lancashire. It runs every 20 minutes Mon-Sat daytimes, hourly in the evenings with a half-hourly daytime-only service on Sundays. Additional short journeys run between Blackburn and Darwen only. This service is operated by The Blackburn Bus Company, part of Transdev. Click here to discover more bus routes in the North West.

Places served

The 1 starts from Stand B at Bolton Interchange

Next is the Wood Street stop on Bradshawgate:


You can find the full timetable on the following websites

Here are your links for live scheduled bus times from major stops towards Blackburn:

...and back towards Bolton:


The cheapest ticket that is valid the full length of route 1 is the Transdev Lancashire 1 Day ticket at £7.50 for an adult. It is valid all day on all Transdev buses within their Lancashire Zone which stretches as far as Keighley, Skipton, Clitheroe, Preston, Chorley, Bury, Littleborough and Todmorden.

If you're travelling further afield on Transdev routes, then the Transdev Daytripper ticket at £12 for an adult is also valid throughout route 1 and on all Transdev routes throughout Lancashire, Greater Manchester and Yorkshire (except for their CityZap and Coastliner services).

For shorter journeys, the Transdev Blackburn 1 Day ticket at £5 is valid on the 1 between Blackburn and Darwen Cemetery, and the Transdev Blackburn Local 1 Day ticket at £4.40 is valid between Blackburn and Earcroft, Darwen Vale School.

See single fares here and below, and return fares here (for longer journeys, the day tickets described above act as the return fare). An adult single from Blackburn to Bolton is currently £6.50.

If you're only going to be travelling within Greater Manchester, which on the 1 means between Bolton and Moss Cottages in Dimple, then you can use System One's range of multi-operator and multi-modal tickets, which are valid on all buses in Greater Manchester. An adult off-peak any bus Day Saver is currently £6.40.

The TfGM Wayfarer day out ticket at £15.20 for an adult is valid on the 1 between Bolton and Darwen Town Centre. It's valid throughout Greater Manchester and into parts of the neighbouring counties, including most of the Peak District, on buses, trains and trams. It can't be bought on the bus, so make sure you buy one before you board.

If you're connecting by train, then Greater Manchester Plusbus tickets have the same validity as the System One Day Saver mentioned above, which on the 1 means Bolton to Dimple only.

Blackburn & Accrington Plusbus has the same validity as Transdev's Blackburn zone tickets, which on the 1 means Blackburn to Darwen Cemetery only.


See a map of all bus routes in Bolton here. From Bolton Interchange, you can connect with the following major routes:

Connect in Blackburn for the following major destinations:

The 1 passes close to the following railway stations:


Diamond 533 provides an alternative route between Bolton and Egerton.

Within Bolton, additional routes along Blackburn Road are Arriva 534, Vision 535 & 537.

For direct journeys between Bolton, Darwen and Blackburn, the only alternative to the 1 is the train service operated by Northern Rail. Timetable here. An adult off-peak single from Bolton to Blackburn on the train costs £6.80 and an off-peak (travel after 0859 weekdays, anytime weekends) return costs £6.90, making the train cheaper than the bus for a simple end-to-end return journey. See more train fares here.

Long Distance Footpaths

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All of the information in this post is correct at the time of writing, but please check the relevant links before travelling.